Train, Tone, & Maintain

Joe Burke

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Has over 10 years of experience in helping a wide age-range of people to meet their health and fitness goals. His friendly, lightheart- ed, and welcoming personality makes it possible for him to both relate to and work with clients ranging from ages 18-80. Burke uses a combination of weight training, cardiovascular training, and dietary advice to assist each and every person in their fitness success. Joe “eats and trains like a bodybuilder”, but he also enjoys playing basketball and mixed martial arts training in his spare time.

Joe’s specialties include advanced mass building, fat loss techniques, and nutritional advice. 

Kristin Noblette

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Has personal experience with the challenging struggle of losing weight and getting healthy. A 7-year fitness veteran and former size 12/14, Noblette is able to easily relate to her clients on a sincere and empathetic level while simultaneously inspiring them, sending the message that each person can meet their individual goals by omitting the word “can’t” from their vocabulary. She concentrates on lifestyle change and hard work to accomplish every goal. The work that Kristin puts in as a trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and group fitness director/instructor, combined with her high-energy, positive, friendly attitude is reflected in every client she interacts with.

Kristin’s specialties include muscular development, competitive physical coaching, bridal prep, special events and sports-specific training, and dance conditioning. 

Personal training is $65/hour or a package of 10 for $585. Please see our desk attendant to schedule.